Monday, March 10, 2008

My New Look! Brought to you by...Jellybeanlabs

Jellybeanlabs has a delightful etsy shop full of kid friendly fun things...and, custom banners and avatars. She made my banner and avatar for me recently and I just love it. It is on my etsy site and also here on blogspot. She was warm, friendly, great to work with and seemed to know exactly what I was talking about when I was trying to describe what I wanted despite the fact that I wasn't really positive what I wanted myself. She did a beautiful job, don't you think?

Here is a little bit about her etsy shop. Come on down and visit her.

JellyBean Lab! Crafting rocks! BIO: She has three daughters, all under the age of 12, who have the crafting bug and are excited for their creations to find new homes. They've been selling their wares in local craft and art shows for several years and are now making them available on ETSY. All are inspired by the imagination that youth has to offer, creating fun and fanciful art for all to enjoy.Check out more of their ART & CRAFT by visiting their images on Flickr.

Some items are made entirely by one of her daughters, such as the Zillow Creature Soft Sculptures, others Nicole lends an experienced hand to. All items are tagged with a Jellybean Lab card and are packaged in a professional presentation (often pictured with the description) making them 100% gift presentable. The art is even more amazing in person. You will absolutely love any creation you purchase from them and it is sure to get you compliments! They started selling goods because they were often stopped on the streets in Philly and NYC by people asking them where they got their necklace or hat or pin. Some people even tried to buy the hat right off her daughter's head!