Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ugly Duckling Look...Swan Fragrance

When I first started making this soap, I had visions of a beautiful swirled in color and fragrance soap...the epitome of elegance and beauty.

Look at the above picture....this is the end result of my gorgeous soap.

OK, so it isn't the epitome of elegance and beauty. Something happened that I didn't quite calculate into the formula. One of the fragrance oils I used caused my soap to turn colors. The fragrance oil cancelled out all the gorgeous colored oxides I put into it. It was SUPPOSED to be a swirled 2 tone pink with white, but this is what I got.


Face it, my "beautiful" soap is ugly. Come on, go ahead, you can say it. I can face the truth. It's UGLY!

But the ugliness hides some beautiful facts about this soap. It is fantastic when it comes to lathering up, it is good for your skin and doesn't cause your skin to dry out or itch after using it. And the to die for! But don't die yet before you try it.

I used fragrance oils that combine oatmeal, milk, honey and roses. It is mainly rose with that underlying homey oatmeal-honey-milk fragrance present.

It reminds me of sitting in a huge tube floating with rose petals, surrounded by candles and.....wait a minute....Grandma is cooking oatmeal downstairs?

NO NO NO...that's not it at all!

Try this again.

It reminds me of sitting in a huge tube floating with rose petals, surrounded by candles and soothing oatmeal water caressing my skin, dissolving irritations of the day away, milk and honey caressing and toning up my skin.

Yeah...that's more like it.

You get the idea. This soap may ugly, but it is a beauty in all other ways. When I make my next batch, I will work on the coloring of it and it will be a "Swan" in all ways.


Athena's Armoury said...

It may not be swan-like, but it does look yummy. And it sounds like it smells and feels even better!