Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Change in my 1000 Markets Shop

I am not ashamed to say that I use a variety of different online sites to sell my wares. Some places work well for me, others don't. Some places I stress certain items that I won't on other sites, so each shop has its own "feel" to it.

My 1000 Markets site is a bit more unique than most of my shops in that I make a point of stressing my love of God on this site. God is a major part of my life. My belief system is a huge part of who I am as a person and why I do some of the things that I do. I don't intend to hide that. It is who I am. That doesn't mean that I require everyone who visits my shops to feel the same way, nor do I shove my belief down anyone's throat either. I may not agree with your belief and you may not agree with mine. We are agreed on that at least :)

My 1000 Markets site is the site that I call "God's shop, I just put the soap there." This means that I've made a commitment that whatever sells on that site goes to God...everything! 100% of the money made there goes to establishing and supporting certain ministries and charities that fall in line with Christian belief. Whether it be local or worldwide. Your money spent on 1000 markets could be going toward supporting jobs in Uganda, helping victims rebuild their lives in Asia, feeding the hungry locally, changing the lives of people. That's what it is about. Showing love and caring, helping, building and rebuilding.

I just put the soap there. I let God do the rest...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Great giveaway at this website! Come check it out! I'm a great fan of giveaways and love discovering new artists and crafters! Here's one for lovely crocheted items!

1000 Markets

This is another one of my favorite sites where I sell some of my wares!

1000 Markets

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soap and Solid Fragrance Safety

Wow! I must be one of the lucky ones! Until I started making soaps and solid fragrances, it never occurred to me that there was so much concern over whether you could get a reaction by applying something to the skin. The only time I ever had a skin reaction was years ago when I purchased a bottle of liquid Ivory soap just prior to taking a test in college. I attributed the reaction on my skin as "nerves" over the test, since it was on a subject that I had a tough time with. Come to find out that I had the same reaction when I used the liquid soap again after the test was over. Needless to say I've never purchased Ivory liquid soap again. Other folks love it, swear by it. Just doesn't work for me.

When I started making soap several years ago, a close friend of mine refused to even touch it, stating she was allergic to "every soap ever made, even the commercial soaps made for sensitive skin"! I won't tell you what she used to wash up with either. NOT Dr. recommended. I finally convinced her to at least give my soap a "patch test", washing a small area of her skin, usually inside of wrist or forearm. Guess what? NO reaction at all! She is a faithful user of all my soaps now! She has even tried my solid fragrances and Bug Be Gone products without a reaction.

So much for commercially made soaps for sensitive skin.

My recommendation for everyone applying ANYTHING on their skin is to give yourself a patch test before applying everywhere. Could save you a lot of grief in the end. Apply any skin product on the inside of your wrist or forearm and wait 24 hrs before applying anywhere else. If you have any itching, burning, redness, swelling or break into a rash, wash off immediately and don't use anymore. Call your MD if the reaction persists or worsens.

Even my own family has some skin sensitivities that we've discovered since I started making soap products. My hubby has numerous skin sensitivities, for instance. In one instance,I wanted to make a great smelling shaving soap for him, so created a "lemon tea" shaving soap for him, using real tea that included lemongrass. He loved the smell until he started using it. His skin began to burn the moment he applied the soap to his face, so I chose to use that soap for my legs instead. Not long afterward, I made a great smelling soap using lemongrass oil which he wanted to try. Once again, his skin began to burn the moment he put it on. The rest of the family has not had a problem with that delicious smelling lemongrass soap...only him. We concluded that he must have a sensitivity to lemongrass and he now knows to avoid using it on his skin.

Bunches of folk have asked me if my soap and lotion sticks are safe for children. All I can say is that all my products were intended for use on humans, child and adult alike. I do realize that children often have more sensitive skin, so always recommend that people use products that contain less fragrance or essential oil. Everyone's skin reacts differently to different substances and there are no guarantees that you will never have a reaction to ANY soap or lotion stick product that anyone makes, commercial or handmade. Once again, for your own peace of mind and safety, ALWAYS perform a patch test prior to slathering anything all over your skin.

As for animals? Like I said before, my items were intended for human use, but if you purchase something for your pet's use intended for human use, always research it first or ask your vet prior to purchase and application. I had one great customer who wanted to use my Bug Be Gone Lotion stick on her horses to keep away those nasty, biting flies. Since I don't hide what ingredients are contained in my products, she was equipped with that info and determined that it is safe for horses. She made the following comment on its performance: "So far, I really like it! It does a nice job of keeping the flies away for most of the day actually, and it seems to be very gentle on the skin as well." She bought 2 sticks for use on at least 8 horses! I made one 3oz stick for one human to basically last for one summer if used daily on pulse points of the body. She quickly realized that 2 sticks wasn't going to go far for 8 horses.

And dogs? Well, finding that there are no adverse problems related to the use of any of these oils on the general dog population, I've chosen to use the Bug Be Gone soap for bathing my furry friends. I was delighted by the way it works for them too. I only use the stick when they are out of their own personal environment (dog parks and other outings). That has been my own personal decision, however. I still state that I am not in the business of making products for dogs, horses or other animals at this time.

Maybe in the future? Who knows?

So, recap, for those who ask the question if my products are safe for children, dogs, horses etc, always do a patch test if human and stop using if a reaction occurs and consult your doctor. My products were not originally intended for use on animals. If you choose to do so anyway, consult with your veterinarian first.