Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eggs, eggs, and More Eggs

Soap eggs...that's what I'm talking about. I loved making these little chicken sized colorful soap eggs. I had been looking for this mold ever since last spring and didn't find it until I ran into (literally) into a store display at a local pharmacy...yes, a pharmacy.

My mother had egg shaped molds when I was a kid and used them for a variety of things all the time. I don't know whatever happened to them but couldn't find them anywhere.

Once I ran into, and nearly knocked over the entire display, I was delighted to find what I ran into and got two of them. I wished I had more now.

Although I made these eggs specifically for the Spring time, I plan on making them in a variety of styles and colors throughout the year.

Decorated eggs are given as a token of true love in many cultures throughout the world so eggs are not just for Easter and Spring time. They can be for anytime of the year. I give my hubby an egg every year for that reason. We are still in love, best friends and soul mates after 16 years of marriage.


Beetle said...

I love the pastel colours. If I had those I wouldn't want to use them ;O)