Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ohhhh....for the Love of Soap...............!

Today was a bit odd. I had plans. It was my day off from my regular job and I had plans....plans to make some really cool soaps and plans to clean up my house and plans to do laundry and plans....I had plans.

First thing that happened is that my son woke up late and needed a ride to school. OK, I can handle that. He got ready and we jumped into the car....uh-oh. I hardly have any gas in the tank! Well, no worries. I have enough to get the boy to school, then I can drive to the gas station and get some gas before I do my other errands.

Of course the gas prices are up....again! Couldn't afford to fill the tank, not at those prices. 1/2 tank of gas later, I went to the store, got some items I needed and headed home. NOW, I am ready to make soap!!! There was a new formula I wanted to try out. Everything I needed, I had already bought.

I start to gather my things together, certain that everything was there and ready...but something was missing. Where were my gloves? Can't make soap without them!!! What could've happened? They were nowhere to be found! Ohhh...for the love of....I'm going to have to go back to the store and get gloves! Now, I'm a bit upset. I grab my purse, walk out the door, locking the door as I leave and head for the car again. I go to grab my keys to start the car and they are missing! WHAT????? I run back to the door, hoping against hope that I forgot to lock it, but no. The door is nice and secure. Ohhh...for the love of............I've locked myself out of my house!!! It is only 11:30 in the morning. No one gets home until 2pm. My phone is inside the house.

I calm down...sort of, and make some attempts to break into my own house without causing permanent damage. I have never been successful at illegal things, including breaking and entering, so I am trying a variety of things that I've seen on TV that look so simple when someone else does it. I finally find a window that is a bit loose and was locked at some point, but I must've unlocked it. I crawled in through the window and proceeded to find my keys right where I laid them of course.

Grabbing the keys, I race back out to the car (after carefully locking all windows and doors again), hop in and go back to the store for gloves. Luckily, I find them on sale and buy three of them. To make things even better, I found something that I had been looking for and unable to find. Grabbing those also, I purchase and race back home again.

It is now 1pm and I haven't even begun what I intended to do. I raced around and grabbed my items to make this new formula, hoping I wouldn't mess it up. As it turned out, the soap making actually went quite well despite the fact that my kids arrived back home, hubby arrived back home before I was able to finish and they wondered why it took me so long! (Oh....for the love of...:) :) :).... SOAP!) That's why!


Tawnia Reeves said... I admit that your day was worse than any of mine over the past few of my own. As know how to write it out in a good way.
Goodyear, AZ

Donette said...

man....what a character building kinda day!!!!! sounds like some of mine lately!!! Oh well life goes on right??? :O) Bless you Friend and no more locking yourself out.
Hey I locked Hunter in the car running one day actually Muffee did. after putting Hunter in his car seat with the motor running I ran around to get in and she went to the door and her paw must have pushed the auto lock and I was stuck outside luckily with my cell phone and after awhile of waiting for Duane to get there Hunter started crying because he realized I wasn't getting was stressful as you can imagine I was waving at him and smiling and he was scared and crying which made me feel even more panicked I was clear down on main st. whew!!!!!!!

Beadsme said...

I couldn't help but giggle. Bet you are laughing about it now. It reminds me of our first trip out in our boat. Check my blog and look for the post titled "We have to laugh". It will cheer you up no end.