Monday, March 17, 2008

Featured artist this week is Robinsheart

Robin feels that being able to do what you love in this life is truly a blessing. She has been beading for five years now- obsessed with creating something for most of her life. She loves to see various colors and types of beads - or any medium- worked together to form a new and beautiful creation. It reminds her of God's work in our lives - taking these lumps of clay and molding us into beautiful works of art- to His glory!

She is a Believer in God, wife to her one and only love, a mom to two incredible kids, a homeschool teacher, an optimist, a "creative sort"...

Her heart overflows with the blessings she has received - precious family, dear friends and the gift of Jesus Christ. She prays that something you find on her site will speak to your heart.

I know that something on her site spoke to mine.

The necklace you see above is one of Robins many items that she makes and I loved it so much when I saw it. At the time I was having a few troubles in my own life and wanted to have something that physically reminded me of the things that I was joyful for. So, this necklace spoke to me...and continues to do so every time I wear it. Other people notice it too. They love it and ask where I got it.

Robins designs speak for themselves.

Robin is working on some new handbags to list soon so stay tuned. She is in the process of photographing them and finds that end of her creativity much more challenging than anything else. Like me,she feels that getting a picture to speak to someone isn't as easy as making the item in the first place.

Let Robin's shop speak to you and visit her at

Robin also has a blog site. Come visit her at

Sorry folks. I tried to get Robin's sites to link but for some reason, the link icon isn't working right for me today. You may just have to use that old copy and paste method instead until I can get it work right. can check out my recent purchases section and you will notice that "robinsheart" is listed there, and that DOES link directly to her shop :)


hija4 said...

hey I wanted you to know I linked your site to mine!!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Love your site! I'm sad it's not in the UK. Loved your music too :O)