Friday, February 1, 2008

Creative Diversity as a Calling in Your Life

Even though I currently work in the soap medium most of the time, I can't seem to limit myself in just one area. I also love to crochet, paint in oils, portrait drawings, beading, sewing, trapunto, poetry, writing novels and list goes on and on. The one really great thing that I love most of all is that GOD is so diverse and He created my ability for diversity. I love the fact that I can take anything I see and apply it to a variety of different mediums. God has so blessed me with creative diversity as well as life skills diversity. He has spoken that word "DIVERSITY" into my life over and over again. I am not to limit myself in just one area but should expand into a variety of areas in my creativity and in my home, church and work life. He has blessed me immensely with this ability and I thank Him with all my heart for this.

For the longest time, I would read books that would ask me to pinpoint and focus my interests into a single area and to work to perfect that. These statements would frustrate and upset me, sometimes depress me because I felt that maybe I would "never get God's calling because I couldn't make up mind." God has spoken against that in my life, saying that I am a "woman of diversity" and this in itself is a gift from Him as well. As a result, I have not limited my creative, ministerial and work areas into just one place. God has sooooo much more planned than that.
My suggestion to everyone is to listen to God and not men when it comes to your giftings and how you should use them. He is the expert. I have listened and have been blessed as a result.

My diversity is my gifting and I plan on using it.