Friday, February 29, 2008

Coconut Mango Bath Bombes

Here is one of my latest additions to my etsy site. If you have previously read my blog on Bombed Bath Bombes, you have an idea of the hazards of making these things :)..... not hazardous to the buyer of course.

Bath Bombes are such a magificent way to pamper yourself or someone you care about. These are fragranced with the tropical flair of Coconut and Mango that takes you away to a tropical place.Unfamiliar with a bath bombe? Simply drop one of these under warm, running bath water and watch them fizz up and distribute their delightful fragrance along with good-for-you oils that soften your skin and gives your bath water an added softness.The fragrance on your skin lingers long after the bath too.This listing includes a total of three bath bombes, 2 of them are regular sized and one is "bodaciously" sized for times when you need a little added stress-relief or uplift.