Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working Fool and the Bath Bombe that BOMBED!

I really am a bit envious of those of you out there who craft away and don't have to have that additional outside job to make ends meet. Yes, some of you make some financial sacrifices to make that happen...I understand that. would be so nice to pour more into my craft without the time constraints of a full time job too.

How many of you out there are working fools like me? Comment me and let me know how you feel about it.

How many of you out there are stay at homes? Comment me and let me know how you feel about it too. Is it as envious a position as I am imagining it is?

When I get another few days off, I plan to make some more springtime soaps and bath bombes. Haven't made any bath bombes in awhile and it would be a nice change. I have to be careful about when I make bath bombes or they don't turn out well. There's a story about that. OK, I'll tell you. It is one of my more humorous mistakes that I've made.

The BATH BOMBE that BOMBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was fairly new at making bath bombs when this happened. I believe it was my third attempt at bombing. For those who have no idea what a bath bomb is, it is a delightful little thing you add to your bath that can give your bathtime an experience that is decadent. The bath bomb can add a variety of things to you bath.... skin softening oils, water softeners, fragrance, color to the water, bubbles etc. It all depends on what is in the bomb. The reason it is called a bomb is because it is created to "fizz" up when it hits moisture (water) and acts like an alka seltzer in your bathtub, which is a fun, visual addition.

OK, I live in the part of the northwest U.S. that is well known for its wet climate. Rain, rain, rain all the time. Not good when you make bath bombs because even the humidity around it can cause it to react if it isn't encased in some sort of waterproof plastic or something. Because I was a bit new to bath bombing, I wasn't aware that they were THAT sensitive to their surroundings. I chose to make some delightfully lemon creme bath bombs on a very rainy, humid day. All went well at first. The fragrance was amazing, the bombs were colored a pale lemon. I put them molds and they were looking like big sellers!!! I put them out of their molds and allowed them to dry and harden up a bit more before I packaged them by putting them out on a plate. About 15 minutes later, I checked on them and all of them appeared to be "growing". They had expanded so that they were touching one another. Confused as to why they were doing that, I separated them and waited a bit longer. I checked back again and these things had doubled in size, lost their beautiful look and was beginning to look like ever increasing "blobs" of I don't know what. Frantic, I tried moving them somewhere else, tried to remold them, but it was too late, they kept growing and growing and pretty soon, all I had was one HUGE blobby mess that overfilled my plate. It smelled great, I admit to that, but otherwise, it was a disaster!

My kids loved the way it looked and had great fun checking out mom's "BLOB" monster.

Since that time, I have learned to be more picky about what days I choose to make bath bombs. If you have never tried a bath bomb, give it a shot sometime. I will be posting some on my etsy within the next week or so. I love molding them using my mini frog molds since I love frogs, but also use the mini muffin mold and "hockey puck" soap mold for them. By the way, the picture above is a rather poor picture of one of my first bath bombes.


Nicole Solo said...

I love your bath blob story! Very entertaining learning experience ;)

Anonymous said...

I need to go check out your shop...I love bath bombs and yours seem very entertaining!

As for the working another job, I am getting to do what I truly love, but only because I was injured in an auto accident a few years ago and can't work outside the home anymore. I guess we all just have to make the best of what the good Lord deals us.

HOPSING said...

hahaha your bath bomb story is funny!

as far as working only on ones craft and not having an outside job, i have to say, i would go binkers! i mean bonkers!

i relish having somewhere to go 5 days a week....course, i work for a friend for not a lot of money's a low stress job AND i get to work on my stuff there. big trade off but WELL worth it.