Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blackberry Kumquat Soap with Pics this time

Ok, like I promised...I would add a picture of one of my latest soap creations.
This is my Blackberry Kumquat Soap
A bit bright, isn't it?
The stuff on top of the soap is dried Calendula blossoms (marigold) I thought they went very well with the soap color.
Tell me what you think.

The next soap I've made isn't near as pretty. In fact it is so ugly, I'm considering whether I should put it on at would probably do well for the ugliest soap contest. It's only saving grace is that it really has a nice fragrance.
Ugly duckling soap, lovely swanlike fragrance..... it is scented with rose, milk, oatmeal and honey. I'll have to put a picture one of these days when I get brave enough :)


Anonymous said...

That soap is so pretty, nice colors! Nice blog!

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

The soap is pretty, vibrant colors. You should sell that "so-called" ugly soap. Call it something like ugly duckling. You know what became of that duckling....