Sunday, January 27, 2008

February is a Time for....

Heart necklace made from wood from

Unique heart necklace from

Lovely guitar pick necklace and matching earrings I purchased from

February is a great time for coming spring, Valentine's Day, President's Day and all sorts of things.

For me, I am looking forward to my daughter's birthday. I bought some really beautiful gifts for her from several vendors on etsy. They are pictured above since I couldn't seem to get them to come down here.
I have been focusing on Valentine's Day for quite some time where it comes to my etsy shop. I love hearts and have a made a variety of heart soaps for Valentine's. You can see the full display on since I can't seem to make these pictures go where I want them to on this section. I just need practice I guess. I'm not all that computer savvy :)
I've made large hearts, small hearts, light pink hearts, medium pink hearts, dark pink hearts. Some have gold in them, some iridescent glitter, some are clear and some are not. In addition, I've made some really great fragrances that go with these hearts, English Rose, Heart of Gold, Raspberry Plum. Heart of Gold fragrance is just a bit complex. It is a combo of tropical fruity, spicy and a touch of chocolate. Very nice.
Still available are Rose petal soaps in English Rose fragrance of course. They are a wonderful versatile item that you can use once and throw away, so they are great for guest bathrooms and if you are taking a trip. I have actually used 1 petal vigorously 4 times before the soap actually ran out.
Shortly, I will be making white rose petal soaps, pink, and a variegated color of pink/yellow. They will be available before Valentine's Day.
Rosebud soaps are a cute little soap where a silk rosebud has been dipped in scented clear glycerin soap. They are currently on my etsy site as well.
Tired of soap? Other Valentine's like stuff available are Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Lava Lip Gloss. (Whew...what a name!) You know what lava lamps are, right? Imagine that concept carried over into a lip gloss that is flavored. Check it out. You will love it!
Other Lava Lip gloss flavors include Berry Burst and Coconut Creme Coffee.
Several bath/body collections available still. The Chocolate Bag might be a nice gift, but there are several others.
Coming up for Spring? I am currently working on some cold process springtime scented soaps. These types of soaps typically take 6 weeks before they are ready, so I starting now. I'll let you know what I've got next month.
Have any questions about soap? Let me know. Locally, I do home shows where you get your buddies together and we make some fun melt and pour soap projects. If you live in the Vancouver, WA. area, let me know if you would like to have a "Soap Party".


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