Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rosemary Basil Mint Soap

This cold process handmade soap was just made about three weeks ago and is still in the process of curing. I love minty soaps and also love the herbal scents of rosemary and basil, so put it altogether in a lovely soap. The soap has added Tea Tree oil too. I infused some basil and rosemary into olive oil and then added it to the soap for a delightful, fresh, earthy fragranced soap. It is a great unisex soap, not really girly, but the ladies love this one too.

Available toward the end of March '09.

I'm thinking this might be a great gift idea for Father's Day, Graduation or just about any occasion.


Gioia Made Soap said...

Hello Patricia,
I received your lovely e mail today. Thank you so much for your kind response.
We can trade ofcourse. I will send you an email.

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Sounds lovely, I love chocolate mint cookies, mint shampoo, and minty lip balm, so I must keep an eye out on these! :)

Gioia Made Soap said...

Hello Patricia
can you please send me e mails to the mail box I sended you?
Kindest regards,