Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking Forward to Summer Already?

Didn't it just become Spring? Oh well...the life a soap maker! Must look forward a season or two ahead.

Almost everyone looks forward to summer anyway, right? There's a lot to look forward to; such as warm days, soaking in the sun, swimming, gardening, hiking, boating, camping and just generally getting out of doors. I love summer. Everyone and everything gets out and gets productive in one sense or another. EVERYONE...including BUGS.

They are a part of the summer season, whether we like it or not. We have to put up with them.

Or, do we?

I'm bringing back, by popular demand a soap that I made last year with just a little change in its looks just for those who aren't fond of little creatures landing on your body and biting you.

Bug Be Gone Soap; a soap that contains essential oils found in many plants known to repel buggy little critters. I'm not the only soap maker that has this, but I think mine is the prettiest and most fashionable looking.

Only natural plant oils are used in this soap that are known to repel bugs, including catnip oil. Catnip oil is known to be one of the most effective natural ways to repel bugs. These oils combined also have a fresh, minty added bonus and change to the commercial bug repellent crowd.

Most of the commercial bug repellents out there are chemically enhanced to keep bugs away. Most of them work quite well, but there are some drawbacks...the spray-ons getting into your eyes and down your lungs, the less than attractive smells, and all the strange-sounding, unpronounceable chemical words that you're are slathering on your body. All the while you are trusting they won't make you grow a third eye!

Bug Be Gone soap certainly smells much nicer than any of those chemically enhanced bug repellent products out there and you are getting a natural product that doesn't make you grow a third eye either.

What a concept!