Sunday, March 15, 2009

More than One Etsy Shop?

This is our two chihuahuas, Rocko and Pancho!

Here is Kobe, our Sheltie mix who THINKS she is a chihuahua!

Yes, I have more than one Etsy shop. As much work as running one shop is, it has been a choice that I really wanted to do because I really do more than just make soap.

Not wanting to mix things up with the "Soapy Blessings" theme, I chose to add an additional shop instead. It has been on etsy for awhile, but I've sorely neglected it.

However, it is time for a change. With that thought in mind, I've added a new look to my new shop, a new banner, a new avatar and I think it looks rather cute! It sells supplies instead of handcrafted items though. Most of the supplies are bath and body related, but occasionally I add other items that are not.

I've even added my shop here on my Soapy Blessings blog now too!

Oh, the name, you ask? Here is it

Why such a name as that? No, I don't sell chihuahuas. I just happen to have two of them. They came from a previous home that could no longer care for them, so we took them in. We have since added an additional dog in the group, much larger, a sheltie/australian shepherd mix. She thinks she is a chihuahua though. No, I am not going to name a shop after her too, but she is very sweet and loving.


Gioia Made Soap said...

Gioia and I love these beautiful dogs :)