Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lovely Slippers by Shelly

Lovely Slippers by Shelly on Etsy

I loved opening up my mailbox today to find that my order from Shelly came today.  These slippers are so soft! The colors are bright and beautiful!
Shelly makes awesome knitted and crocheted items!  Not only does she have knitted and crocheted bottle cozies to slippers and ponchos, but she also has ceramic coffee mugs with personalized saying and water bottles! Very versatile!
If you are looking for knitted, crocheted items  or personalized mug and water bottles, I highly recommend Shelly's etsy shop!


Linda said...

Shelly sounds multi talented! I thought
I'd add a couple more links and copy this over to MixxMade - more people should hear about this Etsy seller!

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

Thanks Linda! :)

Shelly said...

Thanks Linda and Trish the slippers look so cute on you!!