Saturday, September 4, 2010

In the Land of Simplicity

In the Land of Simplicity  there is also the unique, eclectic and practical. There are the recycled...things that gained new purpose in new ways to make them something loved in their "old age".

Plain n' Simple Large size Grocery or Tote Bag

There are things that boggles your mind and things that make perfect sense.

Floral Design Grocery or Tote Bag

They are simple things, usable things, practical things, and all are beautiful in their simplicity.

Plain n' Simple Medium Sized Tote Bag

With an extra touch, a simple twist, or a careful tuck, these simple things become amazing and delightful.

Furoshiki Tote Bag

They carry things...all those things we need when we are out and about. No need for the checker to ask if want paper or have your own, thank you.

Re-usable, responsible, practical.

Ever wanted to be where things were simple again? You can. Find your simplicity