Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plain n' Simple Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's milk has some wonderful qualities suited for soap. Leaves skin soft, and feeling pampered.  There are bunches of soapers out there that make goat's milk soap. Many have their own farms and use their own product to make soaps and lotions from their farm-produced goat's milk.

There others who have goats and a surplus of goat's milk on occasion and look for folks like me who want to purchase their goat's milk, since I don't own a farm that produces goats milk.

Now, that I have some goat's milk, I must make soap and support our local farmers, right? My contribution to the support of local goat farmers is to make a simplistic goat's milk soap, like this one you see pictured above.

Lots of folks have problems with artificial fragrances and colors; some even have issues with certain essential oils that create a fragrance. This is the reason for Plain n' Simple Goat's Milk soap.

This soap is gentle on the skin, without artificial scents, no artificial colors. Perfect for sensitive skin, and perfect for children and infants.

Stay tuned, one goat's milk soap coming up in guest size that contains just a little lemongrass oil in it.

Check out Plain n' Simple on Soapy Blessings


Dörte said...

simpel und pur ist ganz oft das Beste! Ich liebe solche Seifen!

liebe Grüße Dörte

Anonymous said...

Practice what you preach.............................................................