Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it in the Name, the Appearance or the Fragrance?

Several weeks back, we were busy making several different types of spa soaps. These soaps contained lots of special ingredients like sea salt, clays and summer fragrances. Three different types were made, pictured below. Each were packaged in a similar manner, just different colors.

The one listed above is called Lime Margarita and is listed on etsy  here
This soap has a distinctive lime fragrance and is a great summertime soap. Probably my favorite fragrance among the three kinds we made. It is also the most popular of the three online and a great seller at arts and crafts fairs.
Since it sells faster than the other two, the amount of views and hearts appear on this etsy listing is less than the others, only  because it doesn't stay listed as long.

The next spa soap is this one, called Summer Fling, pictured below.

I love the swirls of blue and greens in this soap and I think it is the lovliest of the three. The fragrance is also fantastic, also a favorite of mine. The fragrance is a combination of tropical florals and citrus, my two favorite fragrance types. Combined together, it is an awesome fragrance. It is listed here on etsy. It does not have as many views or hearts as the other two, and is my lowest seller of the three both online and in arts and craft fairs. That boggles my mind because of the three we made, this one is my favorite over all in appearance and fragrance and presentation.

The last spa soap we made is pictured below.

This one is called Butt Naked and it originally was a darker blue color than Summer Fling. However, because of the nature of the fragrance I used (called Butt Naked, by the way), it slowly turned a dark gray color over the course of a week while it was curing. By the time it was fully cured, it was totally gray. I worried over that, thinking that everyone would hate the color and not buy, but I packaged it up, using a funkier look. I figured with a name like Butt Naked, it would probably hold its own anyway. It is listed on etsy here  and is my second best seller of the three I've mentioned. With a fun name, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. It has been my best seller of the three in arts and crafts fairs so far, surpassing Lime Margarita. The fragrance is fresh with just a hint of spice in the background. I love the fragrance, hate the color, love the name of this soap. What makes this a great soap is that it is quite unisex in look and fragrance compared to the other two.

All three of these have their own unique style, fragrance, and look. My personal favorite is my slowest mover by far for reasons that leave me scratching my head. OK, so maybe I'm just different than everyone else, but I thought I might ask my reading audience what YOU think. Which one of these seems the most appealing? Which is least appealing? Why?

I would love to hear your feedback.


Vanessa said...

I personally LOVED all three of them! Each one had a beautiful scent and I loved the look of all three as well. No complaints of any kind over here :) Keep up the good work!!

Dörte said...

jede ist wunderbar! Meine Erfahrung ist: die Leute schauen meistens nur auf die Optik und nicht auf den Inhalt, dann kommt der Duft.

liebe Grüße Dörte