Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guest or Sample Soaps


Sample, or guest soaps are made of the same stuff as my regular soaps, only a whole lot smaller. Typically what happens is that I make a batch of soap in a loaf mold. When I take out the loaf, I cut the soap into their regular sizes, usually about 3 to 4 oz in size. The end pieces is where I usually trim the very edges to make tiny samples to send with each of my orders that fit into little baggies about the size of my business card. The rest of the end pieces I cut into guest sized bar soap, about 1 oz each.

Each guest size bar is wrapped in an organza bag, labeled and tied; a cute little gift idea or fun bridal or baby shower idea. 

Not all of my soaps are available in these cute little guest sizes, but I currently have several that are.  The above pictures are soaps that are currently available.

Coming up are some more listings of guest size soaps. It is a great way to try out some handmade soap at an economical price!
Get ready for an increased variety of guest size soaps in my shop at


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