Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belly Bands for Male Dogs

I've talked about belly bands several times in the past in a variety of social networks about getting Belly Bands for my Chihuahuas. What I am finding out is that hardly anyone really knows what they are or what they are good for. 

This blog posting is an attempt to explain the purpose of these practical items.

If you own a male dog, chances are that at some time in the life of your dog, you will have wished that you had one of these belly bands.
Belly bands are the answer to problems related to urinary incontinence in male dogs for whatever reason. Your dog may be a puppy in housebreaking stage and you want to avoid messy accidents. The belly band is your answer. Perhaps your dog is older and incontinence has become a problem due to old age. Belly bands are a practical solution. Maybe you have male dogs that just won't stop marking their "territory" on your furniture or other items. Belly bands prevent the mess that creates also. 

Belly band are the dog equivalent to a diaper, incontinence pad, or all those items we typically use to avoid urinary "accidents".
In my case, I have two chihuahuas. Both are males, who love to mark their territory. It was one of those scenarios where I made a mark in the's me or the dogs! There needed to be a solution to the problem. I love my dogs but also love my home and wanted to keep both in proper order. My solution was to purchase belly bands. 

Initially, I found some on from some shop owners there. I purchased about 4 of them so I could interchange when they got soiled. Like underwear, belly bands should be changed at least daily. Often, I would have to change them more often though, so I soon realized that four band for two chihuahuas was not going to be enough. 
Last summer, I was part of a Saturday market that had a sweet lady selling handmade belly bands and other dog items. I purchased four more from her. As often as I was having to wash these bands, I was finding that I would need even more. I was also finding some issues with the bands that I purchased and thought that there might be a chance that I could make a better band for my chihuahuas. Until I had the time, the making of my own bands was going to have to wait. 

My next belly band purchase was at a commercial pet store. Although the band wasn't nearly as cute and well fitting as the other bands, it was actually the best working band I had purchased so far. It was also three times more expensive. Ugly, but practical was what I would call them. It made me consider even more seriously of making my own soon as I had the time.
The time finally came a few weeks back. I had several days off from work and proceeded to purchase the materials that I needed for the bands and began sewing. I made several different designs, each a trial design that advanced from my previous design.  Although all of the designs seem to work well, I'm still not completely happy. On my next few days off this week, I plan to revamp the design a bit further until I have something that I think will be a perfect least for my chihuahuas anyway. 

It is not my intention to sell my "designer" belly bands at this time (or maybe never). My only desire is to find something that works for my furry kids and preserves my furniture and floors also. I'm working on practicality, functionality, comfort, ease of design, washability, and good looks. 

I think I'm almost there.... My dogs will probably agree! :)


Dörte said...

was für goldige Hunde! Ist doch eine sehr praktische sache und aus Erfahrung mit meinem Hund kenne ich das Problem mit Inkontinenz im Alter.

liebe Grüße Dörte