Monday, September 21, 2009

What's With Coconut Milk Soap?

I just recently made this soap. It is made using real coconut milk instead of water. I added two different fragrance oils to it, coconut fragrance and orange. No added coloring was added to this soap. That is it's natural color. I made using the hot process method, hoping that the orange fragrance with withstand and hold out during the this process instead of the cold process method. Most orange fragrances do not stay well in cold process soap-making and in using the hot process method, I've had better success.

So, using coconut milk instead of water in the soap-making process, what happens? coconut does NOT stay its lovely creamy white when mixed with sodium hydroxide, a main, necessary ingredient when making soap. Instead, it turns a light brown and thickens up a bit. Coconut fragrance oil also turns the soap a beige color when added, so that is the reason for the orange-brown color to the soap.

Adding coconut milk gives the soap a different feel also, it seems to be a bit smoother, soapier, more lather, than if you don't add it. So, it definitely gives the soap some added benefits.

This soap has not been added to any of my online shops yet, but I will be doing that later this week. Stay tuned!

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lorenabr said...

Your soap lookd damn good.:)How do you make it?