Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pink Champagne Soap

Yes, it's made with real California pink champagne. The fragrance is berry champagne with swirls of pink and a sprinkling of sparkly "pinky dust" on top.

This soap is 3oz of luscious oils that include products that California is known for, such as avocado and almond oils.

OK, OK, I admit, I'm a California native and love the state's diversity of product and creativity. I wanted to create a soap that celebrates my roots.

Delightful, fun and great for you skin too!

I made this soap earlier this summer, but didn't list it on etsy. Instead, I listed it on my sites on and 1000 Markets. Also it went with me to several farmer's markets and a festival.

Now, it's on etsy too!

Now, here's a deal for you! The first person to order this soap from ANY of my shops, receives a second soap of their choice for FREE! Make your order, then comment me here on my blog site and let me know which site you ordered from.

I'm going to make real easy for you and list my sites where this soap is listed, OK?

Please click on the links listed on my blog to get to my shop sites!

Happy shopping!