Monday, April 27, 2009

Intro to Twitter!

I had been hearing about for quite some time, but didn't feel that I had the time or energy to sign up for one more thing on the internet! There are already so many things that I do related to making soap that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the actual making of soap! Did that just make sense?

Making soap is a blast! However, I don't want a collection of thousands of soaps sitting in my home either. Yes, I'm talking THOUSANDS! If I didn't do sell my soap, I'd be inundated with thousands of these luscious bars in my house with no place to put them.

Therefore, the logical response is to find ways to sell these amazing pieces of chemically reacted solidified oils that make amazing lather and clean the dirt and stink off your bod! Who WOULDN'T want one?

Unless people know about them, how are they going to want one? Hence the reason for myspace, facebook, blog sites, forums, blog groups, craft groups, and things like TWITTER.

So, I joined Twitter too!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Twitter, here's the down and dirty...
Sign up, give yourself a username and password, decorate your little site and start talking. Oh, you can only say a few words, not like blogging where you can fill a whole page. Twitter is like saying something in a sentence or two. That's it!

Here's the catch...what's the point of saying something unless someone else is reading it...sort've like blogging, right. Well, you gotta make yourself "known" by others. Find some other Twitterers that you would like to "follow" and click the follow button. BINGO! Someone else knows about you! If they look at your site and like what you say, they might follow you too!

Now, don't just read what others say, but give some responses to what they say too! Some others might notice that and want you to say something about them too! BINGO! Now they are following you too.

Hmmm, starting to sound like MLM marketing, not exactly. But some of the concepts are the same. Strength in numbers thing.

The more folk know about you and follow you, the bigger chance they may like your shop, or your blog, or whatever other reason you are one Twitter in the first place. Maybe you just like to state your opinion and spread the love! Then Twitter might be for you!

Well, here's to Twitter. Sound good to you? Then look me up. I'm at

There's a whole lot more to Twitter than what I just mentioned. This blog is only about "Intro to Twitter"

Wait until you get into it...


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Love your blog!

Gioia Made Soap said...

HI Trish
I nominated you with a special award I also received.
You can now also nominate your favourits!
ps Is the soap ok?
hahahha yours is allmost finished

Merry's Musings said...

Trish thanks for stopping by my blog, beautiful soaps!!!What a treat.