Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do I Look Like a North African Berber?

Why do I ask this question to begin with?

The reason is because my oldest brother recently had a DNA test done to determine, once and for all, if there was North American Indian blood in our family.  For several generations, there has been an ongoing belief that our family had Cherokee blood. My oldest brother, who has worked hard to research our genealogy, never found any physical evidence of this. He chose to take a DNA test to prove once and for all that we had Indian blood...or not.

The answer was...NOT.

The the DNA test showed something he wasn't prepared for. It showed that our genetic markers most closely resemble NORTH AFRICAN BERBERS?

He thought it was a silly mistake. Not so.

Now, I'm something of a history buff, so found this piece of information interesting. Mostly because I already knew that I had a significant amount of Celtic heritage. I already knew that my genealogy contained at least a significant amount of Scottish/Irish background. I already had researched the general history of my Celtic heritage and found that these people migrated from Spain. I also knew that North Africans had come into Spain and settled there. So, it was no surprise that I had some North African Berber in blood. The part that surprised me immensely was that my genetic markers was closer to this race of people more than anything else!

So close that I could be living in North Africa and it wouldn't be much different than them? Wow!

The picture below the first one shows me with my oldest son. My hair is an obvious colored blonde. It is actually a light brown, green eyes and skin that tans fairly easily but can sunburn if I'm not careful.

If my hair wasn't colored and I was dressed like those folks  in the picture above, would you be able to differentiate me from those people in the pictures above? Probably not!

Tell me what YOU think!