Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Handcrafted Soap with Salt

You have heard about them, read about them, seen advertisements about them.
Just what is a "spa soap" anyway?
Spa soap can be a variety of different items that make it a "spa experience" when you use it.
Most spa soaps contain ingredients that exfoliate the skin, or contain clays that cleanse the pores, or certain types of oils that claim increased benefits to the skin. Usually, it is a soap that contains just a "little extra" to make you feel pampered.

Recently, I've created my own version of the SPA SOAP. One of them is pictured above. Margarita Lime at the top and Summer Fling just above this sentence. It contains a delightful lime citrus fragrance along with sea salt and some bentonite clay. The soap texture is a bit different than other soaps. Because of the amount of salt, it is a hard bar of soap. It also has a grainy texture which may be a bit harsh for your face but wonderful for your body. The clay can firm and tighten the skin but also gives the soap a unique textural quality as well. Clays give the soap a "slip" to it that folks love when they are shaving. The lather tends to be a bit more sudsy/creamy rather than overly bubbly.

And as for the salt on top...well, it is just there for the looks. After all, what's a Margarita without the salt around the rim?

All my spa soaps have been made use a cold process method. The soap barely gets above room temperature during the entire process, which allows for it to cure more slowly and retain better fragrance properties.

(pictured above is Butt Naked Spa Soap)

You will not find this soap available on my website until the end of May, 2010. So, get ready for a real "SPA EXPERIENCE"!


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