Monday, August 17, 2009

Health and Image: the California Girl

The image above is the picture that most people would look at and say, "Now, THAT looks like a California girl to me."

Most of us ladies would love to look remotely as beautiful as the girl in the pic. Young, blond, tan, shapely, lovely. Yep! The California girl alright.

Here's another pic of California girls in action. Athletic,young, tan, healthy, spirited, sport-minded. That's another ideal California girl image.

The pic above is NOT the typical California girl image. Obviously taken many years ago, yet these are California girls from Alhambra in Southern California.

And these girls above are definitely not what you would consider the California image, even several years ago, yet they are also California girls too. These girls aren't blond, but they ARE tan, healthy...maybe just a tad bit plump for our modern day standards; nevertheless, shapely.

This picture above is probably the more common California girl, whether you want to believe it or not. Overweight, out of shape, not tanned, and probably not blond either.

Here's a California girl who used to look a lot like the girls you see in the picture below...(go ahead, take a look now). The pic above is ME, by the way.

I used to be tan, blond, athletic, healthy, shapely, a killer beach bod and you would see me at beach constantly body surfing. So, what happened? Well, I moved from California, got married, had kids, worked and life got "busy". Before I knew it, I was a plump, middle-aged, out of shape person, very un-California least if you are to believe the TV image of all the beautiful people in California.

So, NOW what?

My only choice is to get into shape, get healthy, lose weight and quit living like a heart attack in progress.

Plan? Stop eating so much darned bread and eat healthy, don't starve myself, but eat small meals, drink lots of water, and exercise at least 3 times a week.

I started only 1 1/2 weeks ago and already I've lost 5 pounds, but still feel miserable every time I exercise. Took up swimming again...YIKES! Could only swim 8 laps of the 25 meter pool the first time. I'm now up to 28 laps. SLOWWWWW laps, but they are 28 laps all the same.

No, I won't ever look like this:

But, I will feel better, look better and maybe, just maybe I might get close to looking like this:

And not like THIS!


Valerie's Essentials said...

Great post. Makes me want to get back to walking. YES... Seems like after kids all my time just vanished... And NO I don't have the body I did back in High School! NOPE! Wonderful Post.. Thanks for the kick and laughs..

madpiano said...

wow, good luck and I know, growing old is scary !

My parents are used to american films on german TV and everyone is skinny, tanned and georgeous. They ahd a shock when they travelled to the US the first time. Hardly anyone looked like that. I think I prefer German Films, maybe the actors aren't always pretty but they are real.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Trish, my dear friend, you are God's California girl. I know, I know, but you want to feel better. I read your tweet today about the pool laps, what you have accomplished in a short 1 1/2 weeks. Kudos to you!

I hope you continue to spill your energy over into your blog, continue to show your progress, because you just never know who you might energize into taking better care of themselves!

Vanessa said...

This post is so true Trish! I used to be skinny, healthy etc.. seems not long ago. A few years before I was married, started working like crazy, had my thyroid quit on me and a miscarriage and now im here.. with all this extra poundage weighing me down! I soooo need to get off my rear and loose some of this! I am so happy for you. 5lbs is a victory!

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Hi Trish, I just found your blog...after you started following mine...and by the way I have 4 blogs...LOL...I like your post and it is so true and it gave me a laugh...Crazy how we wake up and find ourselves overwieght..I never had a weight problem until I reach 50 then here came the extra lbs about 3-5 lbs a year and I am now 68...and I lose a little and gain it all back because of no extra exercise...I was going to really get in shape this summer and bummer I hurt my feet...but they are better! I am going to get started now! I am a great-granny and if I can do anyone can do it...I am proud you are working on getting in shape...but remember it is slower taking it off than putting it on...Keep up the good work!...and I am praying for you...
Lots of Hugs...Judy

JaimeNicole said...

That was funny!! love it :) I look like the typical Dayton girl!!