Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming up, the Second Artwalk at Jantzen Beach

I'm getting ready for the second Artwalk at Jantzen Beach in Portland, Oregon. It is coming up on Friday, February 6th. So if you live in the Portland area, come on over to the mall at Jantzen Beach between 6 and 9pm and say hi. I'll be there, with all of my packaged soaps of course! I won't complain bitterly about packaging...maybe a grumble or two, that's all.

There is also an opportunity for me to sell at a Saturday market, so I'm thinking seriously about adding that to my agenda as well. I'll let you folks know if that happens. I'm hoping for it to be a fun and fulfilling experience. Get my soaps "out there" locally. So far, I've sort've been stuck in the online mall venue showing myu soaps there and haven't really had the opportunity to do anything else. It is time for a change.

Happy soaping everyone! If your not a soaper, well, happy whatever is that you do. And support your local soaper by trying out some handmade soaps if you haven't already. You will be amazed at what a handmade bar of soap can do for you. There is no resemblance to that commercial me. The first time I tried my hand at making the homemade stuff, it was simply as a research project to see if I could and wanting to know the process of doing it. Once I tried the stuff, I realized what a great thing I stumbled across.

But, I starting to ramble on...

OK, I'll stop now.