Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Bazaars and Such

This is Nag Champa soap, one of my soaps that will be featured at the upcoming bazaar.

There may be a lot of you artist/crafter types that thrive on being a part of the latest bazaar and there a lots of them that start showing up in the next few months. I love attending these bazaars but have had such time constraints that I haven't actually been a participant at a bazaar yet.

Well, I am finally getting my opportunity. There is an upcoming bazaar this coming November 8th that I will actually have a booth there. It is a local bazaar here in Vancouver, WA. at the Lutheran church that borders along 162nd ave between 28th st and 39th st.

There will be door prizes and proceeds that the church makes goes to help a women's homeless shelter.

Come look me up and check out my soap "in real life" on November 8th!

2 comments: said...

Goodluck with your bazaar on the 8th! I have one on the 8th too...first one of the "fall season"....

Tara said...

Never knew soap could look so cool!'s actually pretty soap!

Thanks for visiting my bloggy giveaway!